Who are we

We offer a full range of drilling services, from exploration to extraction, including specialized drilling solutions.

Our mission

Provide innovative and sustainable drilling solutions. We are engaged in constant research of new methods and technologies to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our drilling operations. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering the best Services to our customers, while respecting the strictest security and environmental standards.


Our drilling services include :

Diamond drilling: precision and efficiency

Geo-North drilling specializes in mining exploration and feasibility assessment, identifying sites for profitable extraction. Despite challenges such as difficult access or cold, their expertise shines, proving that no obstacle stops them.

Geotechnical drilling: Explore the soil for safety and stability

Geo-North drilling, equipped with advanced drilling technologies, meets all customer demands thanks to its recent equipment. They offer comprehensive reports on drilling, including methods, soil profiles, and detailed analyzes of the subsoil, ensuring a precise understanding for geotechnical projects.

Environmental service

Quebec law allows the Ministry of the Environment to require soil analyzes to detect contamination. Geo-North drilling, a specialist in the field, carries out these analyzes in accordance with legal standards and can also carry out geotechnical studies and drilling according to requests. They use special augers to take quality samples and install instruments for soil analysis, employing an effective method for the installation of wells and various samplers.

Our Drills

We offer you the best drills in the industry. We have opted for robust and reliable drills, also used worldwide by several large companies. More specifically, we have drills:

  • Equipped with stems manipulators
  • Having a depth capacity from 0 to 3400 m n
  • Can drill in caliber B, N, H, P and S.


Our team in action

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Geo-North drilling: unravel the challenges of mining exploration